FAQ: Spirit Island
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I’d like to split shipping with other people in my country. Is there a list of already-organized group buys so I don’t duplicate effort?

Eric has set one up at https://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/1441046/group-buy-master-list. If you don’t see anything there for your area, you can start your own, and Eric will add it to the list once he becomes aware of it. Last updated: Wed, Sep 23 2015 3:18 pm EDT

What is the "Canonical Island Map" you mention in the $129 pledge level and the stretch goals?

It is a map of the canonical island setting of Spirit Island, which will include a realistic distribution of terrain types and labels of the canonical homes of each of the spirits. The Canonical Island PLAYMAT included at the CHAMPION OF THE DAHAN level will be printed on a durable, roll-able material (either vinyl or cloth; not paper). It will be usable for playing a more thematic (but less balanced in terms of terrain distribution) version of the game. At the $50,000 stretch goal, this map will also be printed (in sections) on the back of the game tiles included in the core game. Last updated: Tue, Sep 22 2015 11:12 am EDT

Can you play 5-6 players with two copies of the game?

Yes, with two caveats. First: there’s only 4 colors of Presence disks, so you’ll need to come up with 13 discs (or other easy-to-spot markers of similar size) in two additional colors. Second: we really recommend against learning the game with more than 3-4 players; it’s a bit visually overwhelming for first-time players. (Once everyone is comfortable with the game, it’s fine.) Also, there’s only 4 low-complexity spirits suitable for a teaching game! If it’s important to involve all 6 players in learning together, you can run two 3-player teaching games side-by-side. If you like, use the same map layout, set of spirits, and even Invader deck (if you don’t mind synchronizing turns across games) and see how the games diverge based on player choice and varying Fear effects. Last updated: Wed, Sep 23 2015 3:18 pm EDT

How does solo play work?

Just like normal. You have 1 board per player, and 99% of the rules are identical. The single difference: a few Powers that may normally only target other Spirits may be used on yourself. (Otherwise, they’d be dead cards.) Solo play is easier in some ways: the limited scope of the board permits easier control of Invader spread, and planning with yourself is easy! But it’s harder in other ways: those few things involving random chance (Fear effects, terrains explored, Power draws) are more hit-or-miss, and there’s nobody to compensate for your Spirit’s weak spots. The latter can be particularly noteworthy with some of the more advanced spirits, which tend to be very strong in their bailiwick but have significant weaknesses / drawbacks. Last updated: Wed, Sep 23 2015 3:18 pm EDT

Can you play 5-6 players with a single copy of the Champions of the Dahan tier?

Yes, but only on the playmat. The playmat will depict six thematic boards: the four included in the core game, plus two additional that were pre-designed for a future 5-6p expansion. (Omitting those two extra boards would have made the playmat much less useful if/when the 5-6p expansion is published, which seemed kind of rude.) Based on backer feedback, Champions of the Dahan will also include the additional pieces (Invaders, Dahan, Blight, Spirit Presence, etc) necessary to play up to 6 players. It will not include any additional punchboard island boards. Note that we recommend learning the game with 4 or fewer players, on the balanced boards, without expansion materials. Breaking out the playmat for your first-ever game is likely to be more difficult than you'd want, both in visual complexity and Invader strength. Last updated: Wed, Oct 14 2015 3:35 pm EDT

Would it be possible to include the 6-player materials separate from the rest, as either another tier or an optional add-on?

Unfortunately, that's not incredibly feasible right now. Playing six players out of the box would actually require extra map tiles, and that's not something we intend to do at the moment; the only reason it works for Champions of the Dahan is because of the playmat. With enough demand, we'd love to do a 5-6 player expansion in the future, however. Last updated: Wed, Oct 14 2015 3:35 pm EDT

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